Animal Sculptures from Your Knoxville TN Creative Art Sculptor

Finding original décor for any establishment can be difficult and frustrating. It seems like every restaurant or lodge has the same kind of monotonous and generic artwork, wall hangings, or sculpted pieces. Creative Scenic Art of Knoxville, Tennessee exists to help your location stand out through creating original and realistic animal and wildlife sculptures to your specifications. Hanging animal heads or outdoor nature scenes are brought to life by the skilled hands of our designers and carpenters. Our intricate wood carvings become a part of your establishment, creating a memorable atmosphere for customers and guests.

Our Knoxville TN sculpture designers work with you to develop an idea for the sculpture art that suits your particular needs and location. After creating the initial design, we start with a base of beautiful and high quality wood; brasswood, butternut, cottonwood, walnut, and mahogany are examples of fine materials that can be carved into animal sculptures. Each type of wood has different coloring and features that add to your customization options. If you are unsure as to exactly what type of sculpture you would like, we can work with you to help you develop a vision for your establishment.

One of the biggest advantages of commissioning and purchasing custom art is the ability to receive exactly what you want. While mass produced or premade pieces are often generic or cliché, original work can express the unique atmosphere of your establishment. For example, common animal themes include bears, farm animals, or birds such as hawks or owls. With custom animal carving, you can choose a less common design that will draw more attention and create a unique setting. You can also choose a more conventional animal and work with us to customize it in such a way that it expresses your original vision.

While hunting lodges or country bed and breakfasts are locations that are obviously appropriate settings for wooden wildlife artwork, small sculptures in offices or cafés may also add an original and welcome touch of style. Our ability to create custom designs makes the possibilities limitless. If you are opening a new business or simply looking to renovate the space you already have, check out the Creative Scenic Art website or call us today at 865-414-8323 to begin turning your idea into a handcrafted reality!