The Different Types of Faux Finishing

The word “faux” may mean “false” in French, but there’s nothing false about the craftsmanship required to create a distinctive piece of art with faux finishing. It takes the skill and artistry of a certified faux finish applicator to apply this centuries-old technique successfully. Drawing on a long history of arts and crafts in the […] Read More

The Perfect Holiday-Themed Display for Trade Shows

The holiday season requires some additional considerations when it comes to decorating your trade show booth. The best thing you can do to decorate your booth is to create something simplistic with the focus on your product line. Themed environments are always a hit at trade shows. If you need assistance creating holiday trade show […] Read More

Creating a Themed Environment for Trade Show Displays

Creative Scenic Art, a sculpture company in Knoxville, stands by our belief that a trade show display without a themed environment can’t convey the right message. Trade show displays need advanced elements like trade show decorations, wood carvings, animal art, and sculpture to create themed environments that project their business message. Sculpture Art for Your […] Read More

Stand Out From the Crowd with a Themed Environment

When you need a way to stand out from the crowd, show off your style, or make your space instantaneously recognizable, look no further than Creative Scenic Art, a sculpture company in Knoxville. Using your design or one created by our experienced artists, we can create unique works of art for your home or business […] Read More

Sculpture and Themed Environment Repair Service

Creative Scenic Art specializes in sculpture repair and sales in Knoxville. We repair carvings and themed environments that are constructed and carved from a wide variety of wood types. We also sell wood carvings and entire wood environments to residential homes and commercial businesses. We can restore and repair a wide variety of wood carvings […] Read More

Designing a Display for Your Trade Show Kiosk

When designing kiosk displays for businesses, capturing the essence of your business is essential. Of course, you want your kiosk to be enticing to your customers! Drawing in the masses is the only way to get business. If you have an interesting, captivating display set up, you will attract plenty of people. You can even […] Read More

Creating a Themed Environment for Your Business

If you would like to provide a prominent display for your business that will make a statement and be a recognized beacon for the business, Creative Scenic Art is a theming company that can get the job done for you. Our highly experienced artists and sculptors can create a variety of unique pieces that can […] Read More

Metal Art Sculptures for Western Decor

Western decor counts as one of the most popular home decorating styles around. This style features decorative items like kokopelli dancers, paintings by the likes CM Russell, and of course, plenty of art made from metal like old horseshoes that have been converted into a sculpture for your coffee table. But this style of decorating […] Read More

Abstract Art from Creative Scenic Art in Knoxville TN

When decorating your home, it can often be difficult to find the perfect piece of artwork to adorn every wall. Some walls may be larger than others, or odd angles may present themselves as tricky challenges to even the most experienced decorator. When you encounter situations such as this one, however, hope is not lost. […] Read More

Knoxville TN Handcrafted Sculptures from Creative Scenic Art

When looking to promote the vitality of a business, it certainly helps to have splendid decor to enhance the atmosphere. Sculpture is a fantastic way to add such vitality. Our Knoxville TN sculptors at Creative Scenic Art provide custom designed and detailed realistic sculptures to order for any business, event or backyard. Paintings and murals are […] Read More