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Wood & Fiberglass Carvings

Animal Sculpture-Wood Carvings

Specializing in wildlife and outdoor scenes, Creative Scenic Art works with you to translate your ideas into a piece of art. Decorate your den or office with a beautiful custom carving, or wow customers by having a wood carving at your company’s entrance. With us, the possibilities are truly endless.

Types of Wood Used for Carving

  • Basswood – This is a white, soft wood and is one of the most popular types used for carving.
  • Butternut – This wood ranges from beige to dark brown depending on what part of the tree is used. A popular wood for carving, it is also soft in texture and doesn’t need painting because it has a lovely grain pattern.
  • Cottonwood – While difficult to acquire, this wood is beautiful and is perfect for carving.
  • Walnut – Walnut is a darker, harder wood that usually requires a mallet and chisel.
  • Mahogany – This is a red wood and is excellent for chainsaw carvings.

Our carvers use the best materials available to ensure that not only does your custom creation look fabulous, but that it can withstand the elements. Our materials are built to resist moisture and damage from expansion. To top it all off, our custom designs feature quality colors so that they reflect nature.

Carvings We Offer

For your very own custom carving, call us at 865-414-8323.