Metal Art Designs Knoxville TN

Custom Metal Art Decor

Metal signs are a durable and classic way to accentuate any home or business. From shop signs to western decor to wall art, the customizing capabilities are endless. Creative Scenic Art has the best Tennessee metal sculptors you can find, and it shows in our work. We have a wide selection of options and looks to create the perfect piece of metal art for you, and all our metal art is handcrafted to your specifications.

Types of Metal

  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Silver

Each type of metal has unique characteristics. Our experienced draftsmen will use your idea and help you decide what type of metal will work the best.

History of Metal Art

Metal art originated as early as 7000 B.C. with simple designs created by hammering metal. Tracing the techniques and uses for metalwork can reveal the development of mankind. The civilization of Troy used metal for anything from jewelry to knives, and similar uses are popular throughout human history. Today, metal art is not only used for jewelry, but also in many structures such as The Statue of Liberty. Metal has developed into one of the most versatile sculpting forms due to its flexibility and simplicity.

Modern Uses for Metal Art

  • Metal Signs
  • Plaques
  • Wall Art
  • Western Decor
  • Country Arts and Crafts
  • Store Lettering
  • Wildlife Signs
  • Metal Art Silhouettes
  • Steel Gates
  • And More

To make your metal design idea a reality, call us at 865-414-8323.