Metal Art Sculptures for Western Decor

Western decor counts as one of the most popular home decorating styles around. This style features decorative items like kokopelli dancers, paintings by the likes CM Russell, and of course, plenty of art made from metal like old horseshoes that have been converted into a sculpture for your coffee table. But this style of decorating isn’t limited to only the decorative items that you find in the store. Personalized art can add visual interest to your decorating efforts as the professional artists at Creative Scenic Art can tell you, and some of the most popular pieces are the ones formed from metal.

Metal art sculptures play a big role in Western-style decorating. These realistic sculptures can depict a cowboy on the back of a bucking horse, a wild horse, a rancher mending a barn fence, and other elements of Western life cast in art metals like bronze. Often you’ll even see a decorative piece with bits of rust to make it look as if it’s been outside since the turn of the last century. It sets the imagination on a trip, filled with such artifacts as the haunting faces in old sepia-tone photographs and the lone wolf look of old farm instruments left in a field.

In fact, Western-style decor works best stylistically when it has the look of being a little old and beat up. It takes on an air of authenticity. It also gives your home that kick-off-your-shoes kind of relaxed feel and visually and hearkens back to the days when the cowboys ruled the day. The art looks beautiful, but also inviting, which exactly how you want your decorating style to come across to the guests who visit your home.

If you’re not sure how to get started on a Western-themed decorating style or if you need some Western pieces that fit specifically you and your home space, think about calling Creative Scenic Art. You can talk with someone about your ideas for the art for your home. The company’s trained artists create some of the most beautiful metal art sculptures in Knoxville. Call CSA for a quote today at 865-414-8323 or contact us online.