Realistic Sculptures Knoxville TN



Our Knoxville sculpture artists are some of the best in the business. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most realistic animal sculptures and scenic displays possible. Be amazed by our high resolution sculptures that depict landscapes and wildlife in a way that makes them look alive.

Sculpting Techniques

  • Stone Carving – Stonework was one of the earliest known art forms, and stone can be sculpted into almost anything big or small. It is also common to carve semi-precious stones, such as jade and onyx.
  • Bronze – This is the most popular form of sculpting because bronze is strong and ductile. This makes it perfect for sculptures that are meant to move.
  • Wood Carving – The carving of wood can be done either by hand or by power tools. This gives great versatility for sculptors. Generally, wood is used to make figurines and ornaments.
  • Casting – This involves pouring a liquid material into a mold to dry and create a specific shape. This is most commonly used with metals and plaster.

Creative Scenic Art only produces the highest quality, most realistic sculptures that will make you feel excitement and wonder. We faithfully reproduce all aspects of your idea so that it may come to life for you and your visitors.

For a realistic sculpture for your home or business, call us today at 865-414-8323.