The Different Types of Faux Finishing

Sculpture with Faux FinishThe word “faux” may mean “false” in French, but there’s nothing false about the craftsmanship required to create a distinctive piece of art with faux finishing. It takes the skill and artistry of a certified faux finish applicator to apply this centuries-old technique successfully. Drawing on a long history of arts and crafts in the Tennessee mountains, the experts at Creative Scenic Art are uniquely qualified to apply one of a variety of faux finishes to your wood carvings, sculptures, and decorative pieces of art.

Enhancing Value

Using the graining technique, our talented artists can elevate the look of affordable wood into the realm of luxury. The graining process makes common wood species like pine look like a rare, exotic, or expensive species. Our Knoxville sculptors can also give decorative pieces the look of marble by using the marbleizing faux finish technique.

Tricking the Eye

The Trompe L’oeil technique allows our expert artisans to add architectural elements to the walls or ceilings of your home or business with paint, finishes, and textures. These realistic-looking touches enhance your décor with eye-catching details and art designs.

Adding Texture

Our talented team can employ a range of faux finishes to add depth and dimension to your décor through texture. The Venetian plaster and rag painting techniques give the illusion of texture to two-dimensional applications. Our artists can even give a piece the look of denim using the strié technique.

Keeping It Natural

The skilled artisans at Creative Scenic Art value the inherent beauty of nature. A variety of faux finishes can be employed to bring out the natural beauty of sculpture, carvings, and decorative art. The color wash technique creates layers of hues of the same color to enhance the natural look.

Faux finishes are just one of the options that Creative Scenic Art of Knoxville, Tennessee offers for your home or business. We can create sculpture, carvings, murals, and fine paintings that will add value and distinction to your residential or commercial environment as well. Call us today at 865-414-8323 to learn more about how faux finishing can enhance your home or business.