The Perfect Holiday-Themed Display for Trade Shows

Holiday DecorThe holiday season requires some additional considerations when it comes to decorating your trade show booth. The best thing you can do to decorate your booth is to create something simplistic with the focus on your product line. Themed environments are always a hit at trade shows. If you need assistance creating holiday trade show displays, Creative Scenic Art can help transform your dreams into a reality.

During the holiday season, many people tend to go overboard with colors and decorations. Avoid creating a bunch of clutter around your booth by choosing a single color for all of your decorations and ornaments. For your booth display, gold, blue, silver, or red tend to be ideal colors. Use gold ribbons for your baskets and gold ornaments or snowflakes for your display. Add an accent color such as blue, green, or red to help bring the look together.

Decorating the tables and walls of a booth are extremely common, but many sellers never think about decorating the ceiling around their area. Create one of the most magical displays around with icicles, ornaments, and snowflakes dangling from your booth with a transparent fishing wire. For those with a smaller product, you can always hang one of the items from the ceiling. Position all of your pricier items at the front of your display to draw in the most attention. Tying products with loose bows provide ease of removal for customers that want to view the items.

To maximize your trade show booth, enlist the assistance of our team Knoxville sculptors. The crew at Creative Scenic Art understands the importance of making your booth stand out in a crowd. The next time you have a trade show event to head to give our professionals a call at 865-414-8323 to see what we can do for you.